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Attacks in solidarity w/ Dimitris Koufontinas

via athensindymedia translated by Act for freedom now!

Attacks on banks in Athens, solidarity to Dimitris Koufontinas

Communist revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas has been on hunger strike from 8/1, putting his body as bulwark against State barbarism and government revenge, fighting with coherence and
dignity for the termination of the special conditions regime that have been set up around him, claiming his transfer to Korydallos prison.

For our part, we stand wholeheartedly by the comrade’s side and, doing the minimum due, last week we attacked three banks smashing:
ATM of National Bank at Varnava Square, Pagrati.
ATM of Piraeus Bank at Nikiforidi str, Vyronas.
Storefront of Piraeus Bank at Vouliagmenis ave, Agios Dimitrios.

Solidarity and strength to the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas

Immediate transfer to Korydallos prison

Organize our resistance, move on to counter-attack


from via de.indymedia via Act for freedom now!

Broken glass at the Consulate General of Greece in solidarity w/ D.Koufontinas

The regime of Nea Dimokratia does not seem to hesitate to end the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas only with his death. A policy of settling accounts with a revolutionary period in Greece’s past. The government of Mitsotakis uses the favor of the hour to stifle any radical dissent in the prisons and on the streets during the pandemic.

Because we cannot stand idly by and watch this happen, on the night of Thursday, Feb. 25, we caused glass to be broken at the Consulate General, on which we also sprayed the reason for our attention.

For the fulfillment of the demands of Dimitris Koufontinas – against the killing in the Greek prisons and camps!