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Eberhardt Press: Equipment Emergency!

Shouting "Stop the presses!" before announcing this pressing issue would give the wrong impression.

via It's Going Down

Long-running anarchist printing project Eberhardt Press is in need of support and new equipment.

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For more than 15 years, Eberhardt Press has printed hundreds of thousands of pamphlets, fliers, posters, books and tons of other printed matter for small publishers, artists, activists and non-profit groups. And over the past decade, this work was done on a single printing press, which has been a good machine. But it’s around 35 years old, has printed who knows how many millions of impressions by now, and is developing serious mechanical problems. When it breaks down, everything comes to a grinding halt until it’s running again. Unfortunately, at this point, it simply isn’t reliable enough to serve the needs of an active print shop.

Breakdowns over the past two years have caused a great deal of costly downtime and delays, and the resulting limitations have slashed productivity. At this point, the project is no longer sustainable without an equipment upgrade. As much time is being spent on keeping the machine running as on actually printing. And since one of the color units is down, multi-color work takes twice as long. So, we’re asking for the community’s support to help us solve this problem.

The need for the funds is immediate, because we have a very unusual opportunity to obtain a well-maintained working press in town for a reasonable price from a reputable seller. This eliminates the potentially disastrous uncertainty of buying a machine on auction, and the cost of freight is far lower. So, most of the funds will invested into the machine itself rather than the expense of moving a printing press halfway across the continent. It’s a rare opportunity that may not come back around.

In return for your donation, we’d like to send you something to show our gratitude for your critical assistance. We deeply appreciate donations of any amount — every bit gets us closer to having a much more efficient operation.

• Donate $25, we’ll send you a 5×7 print of N.O. Bonzo’s illustration “Resist State Repression” and an “antifascist soup” label.

• Donate $50, we’ll send you an Eberhardt Press notepad along with the N.O. Bonzo print and a soup label.

• Donate $75, we’ll send you a 3 Year Garden Journal and the N.O. Bonzo print.

• A $100 donation reserves you a copy of the first public edition of Tramp Printers by Eberhardt Press publisher Charles Overbeck. (A small private edition was printed in 2017; the new edition is slated to go to press in May/June 2021.) We’ll also send you an N.O. Bonzo print and antifascist soup label.

All funds raised will be used specifically for the press acquisition and rigging/relocation. This is a short-term fundraiser — we’re hoping to purchase and move the machine the week of March 8, so we’re trying to wrap it up by then.

Community support means everything to this effort. Our mission has always been to amplify marginalized voices, facilitate creative endeavors and stride alongside our comrades on our journey towards social equality, a culture of mutual aid, and a vision of a future without exploitation. And we’ve consistently engaged at ground level with local struggles and campaigns while publishing original work and providing printing services to our community. Your contribution will make it possible for us to continue this work.

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Thank you so much!