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Thanks for the advice—I guess. In another phase of my life, this was just the sort of thing I had to explain to students. But that kind of advice needs to be sensitive to genre and nothing I've posted has made any effort to be a 5-paragraph theme. The unraveling is, for better or worse, the main event. You may consider that a poor choice, but the logical audience for this particular project was arguably those who had already weathered the half-mad lucubrations of "Rambles in the Fields of Anarchist Individualism" and the early phases of "Our Lost Continent and the Journey Back." There was a point, once the actual audience became clearer, where the best option seemed to be to stick with those who could deal with "persnickety, but open" and also plan, as I began to in "Halfway to Anarchism," a different kind of introduction for those who didn't participate in this initial unfolding of the project.

If I could give just a bit of advice in return: You almost never lose by starting with a healthy dose of interpretive generosity, assuming that people who have invested energy into their work probably also had their own intentions, whether or not the followed the rules as you understand them.