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TotW: Challenges

I just realized that a project I have been involved with for a while is very comfortable, and that I tend to be the one bringing tension to it, as a way to challenge myself, and as a side effect, the other people who do the project with me. How do you challenge yourself?

Of course, just being an anarchist is a challenge, especially if you're doing it right. Rejecting almost every single thing around us as part of a fundamentally fucked up system, trying to not participate, and find ways to work around it without dying or suffering (more) is a big challenge, though there are escape hatches (times when we take a break, try something else, hang out with other people, whatever). And for most (probably), being an anarchist is also comfortable, at minimum you've chosen who to hang out with, what websites to frequent, what insults to sling, how to judge others who are not up to your standards, etc.

What does the tension between comfort and tension look like for you and yours? Comfort and tension can come from anything, I think... but probably comfort mostly involves doing things that you know how to do and have done before, whereas tension tends to be newer, harder, more difficult to think through, think about, etc.

But comfort can be uncomfortable too. I know someone who feels shame about reading romance novels. People here have given shit to people for watching hollywood blockbuster movies. I probably watched way too many cop shows for my own inner well being.

Less interested in the details of what you do/don't do (OP SEC! ;) ) and more about the why, what makes it work for you, and what you think about it, what your circles think about it, do you have to protect yourself from judgement, how have you done that...