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Anarchist Health & Wellness on Immediatism podcast

Anti-psychiatry is the topic of three of these seven episodes: "Fucked Off, Not Fucked Up," "It's Time for 'Mad Anarchism,'" and "Descending Into Madness: An Anarchist-Nihilist Diary of Anti-Psychiatry." We learn ways to anticipate and recognize trauma and to build resiliency into our affinity groups, in "Mutual Aid, Trauma, & Resiliency," based on the experiences of the Jane Addams Collective in New York City. "To Care is to Struggle" has quickly become an Immediatism favorite on opening up our radical spaces to more diversity by showing care for one another's daily life struggles such as child and elder care, disability, and recognizing that women continue to shoulder more household responsibilities -- all factors which can make it difficult to find time and energy to be active in anarchist spaces -- and which, by this analysis, partly explain the lack of diversity in the milieu.

Fucked Off Not Fucked Up, by V.Q.
It's Time for "Mad Anarchism," by Vikky Storm
Mutual Aid, Trauma, & Resiliency (in 2 parts), by The Jane Addams Collective
Descending Into Madness: An Anarchist-Nihilist Diary of Anti-Psychiatry, by Flower Bomb
To Care is to Struggle (in 2 parts), by Kevin Van Meter

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