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any of negative reaction as an over-reaction, it's especially stupid to see someone comparing me to an anti-semite. You remind me of that white guy who goes down to the ghetto and is shocked when they get punched in the face after saying certain things. Oh gosh! People actually get upset by the things that other people say! Gasp!

"the word "settler" is a neutral descriptor. there is a case to be made that it's an imperfect word, and another case that, like, Words Are All Spooks. but no one is "imposing a settler identity" on anyone, hahaha"

have you been paying any attention to how the leftists and marxists have been using the term "settler"? It's just a negative descriptor for anyone who isn't indigenous or a "Person of Color". It's some fairly petty fan-boy/identity-politics stuff.

It's this kind of stuff that makes solipsism so retarded. Of course i have no power to ban the derogatory "settler" insult, but i'm gonna keep pointing out the issues with using it in any sort of a practical way! Get your fucking "anti-oppression" bullshit out of my face.

Oh, since you brought up anti-semitism, let's talk about "goyim" for a second:


so in other words, the word can be derogatory, depending on what is being said and the way it is being said. Stop trying to asset some sort of an objective view of reality, it makes you look freakin' rediculous. But at least you taught me about a new word.