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This is coming up a lot right now because it’s been determined that there are a ton of white cultural figures in Canada - poets, novelists, film makers, curators, professors - who are using claims to a non-existent indigenous experience and history to get grants, awards, funding, jobs - that were specifically earmarked for actual indigenous people. Also what they teach, write, etc is often inaccurate, and often just centering themselves as ‘innocent victims’ not responsible for the world we live in, thus avoiding taking any responsibility or self-reflection themselves as ‘settlers’ ( all the while, ironically, being very vocal about opposing colonialism. ) Indigenous access to funds, awards, grants and to public forums to express an authentic indigenous outlook or to share trauma from their experience living in a racist society,, is being denied by this phenomena. Collectively it amounts to a form of colonial violence.

Check out @nomoreredface on Twitter. They’ve been doing research and exposing this.