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it is identity politics, yet i appreciate the fact that we see identity politics critiquing itself...i do appreciate that the article itself is very nuanced and there are a lot of useful gems. I rate "settlers on the red path" as a better reflection tool than many of the articles i see that are posted here, but that's just my opinion, it probably has to do with my fascination with human psychology than anything else...i get sickened pretty easily by identity politics yet "identity" is something I'm going to be investigating as long as popular opinion keeps talking about it.

The thing I find the most hypocritical about the article is that it's saying "This is not a defense of identity..." but then she goes on to explain that it's not right to mis-appropriate the real indigeneity. Identity is a fixture, any attempt to further ingrain certain characteristics about "what we are" is identity politics in my opinion. As you point out, it's falling back on anti-colonial narratives which do not seem to help indigenous peoples very much.