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anything: because i know that whatever gets deleted is just going to come out in a different way. I also tend to think their deletion choices veer towards what is more popular and acceptable, which is questionable but i do think that i risk eering in perception if i say anything beyond that.

"it's a bit of a disservice because even though this person is probably trolling, they're almost perfectly representing the reactionary position..."

it's a sad state of affairs to believe that there is a single "reactionary opinion", and to only be able to critique what is being said by associating it with said opinion. There's a pretty huge world of difference between a reactionary take on colonial-era oppression (that the colonialists weren't doing anything that should be frowned upon and it was mostly diseases that killed the indigenous off anyway...) and all of the critiques i've seen about the above essay. Overall, i tend to find anarchist dialogue unique in that anything is open to be disagreed with, and that we should be careful about aligning ourselves with any sort of ideology, or just knodding in agreement with anything that seems pro-active and kosher. I'm personally a little sick of talking about this article now, as I've said my position very clearly: it was both positive and negative. There is much to sift through and reflect upon.