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Wait are you another from the camp of "I'm indigenous coz I decided so"? This is the hypocrisy here.

First, you just go along pretending something you're just not, while likely taking an active part in the settler society, supporting its private property, its industry, its State... This is just illegitimate, unfounded and dishonest nativist bullshit.

Then, you also do not negate but support this ID pols by (illegitimately) defining yourself by it.

So there is a clear notion for what "native" or "indigenous" is. Both in botany and ethnology. You as a settler are still a settler due to your foreign ancestral, parental or birth origins. You were introduced in a bioregion with its specific biome. You likely are still supporting settler culture, economy and politics that go in contradiction with this biome, like for the aspect of having imported cattle from abroad and still depending massively on this cattle exploitation, or being interdependent on land property gimmicks for using the land and having shelter. Or dealing with a State based on colonial conquest and blunt denial of native people's identities and free *right to the land*. These are clearly not native ways.