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of "settler" try "those-who-forget-where-they-come-from-and-by-this-forgetting-have-become-petulant-bullies".

I swear, all this "there are no rules" "I can do whatever" is what has us all in this modern Civilization death cult. There are no rules, let's build an atom bomb! I can do as I please, let me cut down all the trees! I don't have to take other people into account, let me attempt genocide and steal their culture!

I used to think anarchists knew how to think about the world, that by calling themselves anarchist they were displaying a certain acumen. Now I see this is only within certain parameters.

This article makes clear that Indigeneity is not solely about blood quanta or ancestry, but also not not involving those. It is about Ceremony and belonging too. And, it seems, about a reciprocity with the earth. None of that comes about merely by declaration.

People-who-have-forgotten-their-story, our first task is to remember and that will include remembering the harm we have done. The dead will not take responsibility, we the living have to, because someone has to in order for anything to become whole again.