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I have a bond with a particular ecosystem that is not dissimilar to that of the Original People.

I know it intimately, how to live in it, and how to tend it to peak health. I have been bonded with it since age 4, have had the experience of no separation from it, and have received an entire body of what is (badly) called mystical experience in it. It's now ongoing destruction by vast crown fires (due to 100 years of clear-cutting followed by fire suppression) has ripped me open. It's like my own flesh and blood is burning.

None of this makes me indigenous. I have no kin relationship with a tribe of the Original People there. I have no cultural memory of when my ancestors were normal humans (hunter-gatherer- permaculturist). It could be said I'm naturalizing.

Back in the '60s, the media spread a sensational rumor that people on LSD thought they could fly and then jumped out of 3rd story windows. This may have actually happened a few times. This did not mean that they could actually fly, and the results were predictable.