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"the reactionary position" in this thread. So: the article uses different words that mean things to different people. I get that. To me settler (and i have read some marxist texts that mention the word and some articles on here) in the newest sense appears to refer to non-indigenous white people...based on it's original meaning (literally the first europeans to come to the americas...who were farming/hunting at times with the help of slaves), apparently i was wrong and settler is mostly a reference to pakistani and chinese people...apparently i am "willfully obtuse" is you read some of the other arguments i've been having with my dissenters on here...

this was not the first text i read about the matter, that text was given to me via a leftist who i knew in real life and contained marxist terminology, but here's a glimpse of what we are talking about:

So, the fact that you are so logical, i find it odd for you to bring up a singular strawman/reactionary position only to deny it snarkily later.