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I don't think that's the issue. The Masterless Men pretty much forgot where they came from when they went all Croatan in Atlantic Canada and they became the ultimate example of post-civilized anarchy in the process.

Believe it or not Archaic indigenous Americans were once 'colonizers' over 12 000 years ago. They probably carried over old Siberian ways of being. Note the similarities between North Americans and certain indigenous Mongolians for example. The issue isn't colonization but the type of system and scale that they are bringing to the new lands. In the case of Euros it's a bad case of a toxic built up Leviathan disease. The Vikings on the other hand had a much more negligible effect. Some indigenous groups like the Aztecs are crudely leviathanic and the more anarchic indigenous tribes/bands were ready to do anything to get rid of them including team up with the Spanish.

You have governments in Botswana and Namibia that are made up of indigenous ethnicities that the San have to put up with and do propaganda battle against just to preserve their ways. Those governments are currently a bigger issue to groups like them the Pygmies and other survivor international groups then the now departed whiteys. Again, it's about the state and the greater logic of history, civilization and leviathan that's the prime root issue.

Post-colonialism is mostly coming from upper crust black yellow and brown ethnicities who are not interested in the greater radical issues I mentioned.