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this de-colonial organization (which is probably a NGO or something...) seems hell bent on holding protests inside of art museums, whatever else they are doing seems extremely unclear to me. The logic of this organization is a language of its own, all based on shame, finger pointing, and a general contempt for "white" privilege. There's probably a lot of action concerning shifting the hands which are holding money.

To me, identity politics from both the left and right seems to be about protecting privilege and better cushioning a low place you already have within capitalist society. As you seem to alluding to...people who get involved in racist politics never seem to want to question things like social structures and institutions. In Hitler's dreaded kampf book he would criticize impoverished city life but would then jump from the subject matter of civilization/how-hierarchy-actually-works to the "communists and jews". In his eyes, they were to blame for german post-WW1 suffering, and hitler's populist appeal was entirely rooted in "reversing the hierarchy". While "decolonize this place" couches their activities in entirely different terms than hitler's murderous propaghanda, their petty "awareness raising" in the long run, i think it's all another freudian power reversal game.

However, the de-colonialism rarely scares people because we all got conditioned to fear Hitler, the KKK, and Donald Trump. It should be noted that there are black cops out there, and yes any cop is in a privileged position to use violence with less of a risk of getting punished for it...