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i don't come from a poor background unless you compare me with an of 2021, i'm probably a lower class comparatively than i was growing up. Let's just say i'm a typical middle class american, yet i've owned a lot of things over the course of my life. In the end, the more you hold on to the things you consider "yours" the more that they own you. The more things you own, and the more you implicity care about "status" (part of being "a cool person" is pretending you don't give a shit about what other people think of you, lol), then the more your life has the potential to feel stressful and hellish.

BUT, just like the case of friends and lovers, there's going to be attachments, there's no escaping having attachments if you are a human. If you're an auto mechanic, you're gonna fucking care about your socket wrench! If you're some hoarder of goods and someone robs you of your socket wrench, you're not gonna give a fuck about it until you need it.

The nomadic thing is ideal for not having attachments, or resembling the type of humans that roamed the earth for most of human existence...but there is no recreating that. To me the nomad is a cool idea, overall i'm pretty sedentary because that seems to work best for me at this stage in my life.