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"how could the early Indigenous of precolombian America be "colonizers" more than 12,000 years ago, when there was very likely nobody else on Turtle Island?"

he didn't say that: he was talking about how there are countries wHere the indigenous FROM THOSE COUNTRIES occupy positions in their government, lol. Okay, if you need me to spell out the problem with your "rational thinking" again, let's take the sections where he talked in very specific (yet broad) terms about indigenous politics and history:

"Believe it or not Archaic indigenous Americans were once 'colonizers' over 12 000 years ago. They probably carried over old Siberian ways of being. Note the similarities between North Americans and certain indigenous Mongolians for example. The issue isn't colonization but the type of system and scale that they are bringing to the new lands. In the case of Euros it's a bad case of a toxic built up Leviathan disease. The Vikings on the other hand had a much more negligible effect. Some indigenous groups like the Aztecs are crudely leviathanic and the more anarchic indigenous tribes/bands were ready to do anything to get rid of them including team up with the Spanish.

You have governments in Botswana and Namibia that are made up of indigenous ethnicities that the San have to put up with and do propaganda battle against just to preserve their ways. Those governments are currently a bigger issue to groups like them the Pygmies and other survivor international groups then the now departed whiteys. Again, it's about the state and the greater logic of history, civilization and leviathan that's the prime root issue."

So everything he's saying is factually correct here: There were native americans with advanced civilizations (for their time) living in what we call the "deep south", the Iroquois participated in warring activities and even tortured their enemies at times. Also, more evidence: the Incans were actually in the process of colonizing what we know as "South America" when Pizarro found them and started the process of claiming their vast empire for Spain.

Can't you get past this delusion that you are somehow smarter than anyone else in the comment section?? I know...where would you be if you couldn't look down on other people? Sounds rough being a pedantic little troll!