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so, i generally don't like to bring the naturalist line of thought into things because it's a pretty standard part of the way that people look at things now adays as being "environmentalists", but overall certain kinds of situations and lifestyles are going to mess with everyone, the purpose organisms/nervous-systems overall is to feel it out so you fine tune yourself to whatever situation presents itself. When you've got fixed things like property-ownership, institutions, attachment to "your health", that can make it harder for that process to play itself out, which is why we have this thing called "mental illness". However, i've found it important to stay an egoist, to not throw out the baby with the bath water when i find something which offends or scares me.

I feel sad at times thinking how a lot of people are simply not going to become more in touch with themselves, that they will go around hurting themselves and other people usually unknowingly...

i don't find amazon to be any sort of a reflection of "humility", but the humility is knowing that i can't take a molotov cocktail down to a fulfillment center and expect it to disappear....Also, knowing that there are all sorts of foolish people who have prime memberships with the intent of saving money, lol. I've seen Jeff Beezos speak in interviews, to me he's just a megalomaniac with a very calm affect.