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There are hobo-like people doing he H/G way in urban areas the year long. As long as the "second nature" that is the mass economy delivers, you'll have some decent food in the dumpster or to loot. You can make yourself a hut or a shack out of recycled or natural materials in a wild or abandoned area of town... Or you can just camp around, like you said. Material considerations are the least important problem.

The biggest issue is the lack of community living that way. Or to have it as a more collectively-shared lifestyle, from where a culture develops. Just a bunch of derelict old dudes living in the bushes around town, they exist but I don't think that's the utopia you'd like to be having. I've been doing it for a few years but it ain't very healthy living for the mind and body. You become paranoid and focused on the trivial, as there ain't a strong spirituality in there. It also intersects with urban homeless bum milieus... not very fun imo.

We'd better look for something *noble*, some life that is edifying and empowering.

To be starting forest villages where the clear goal is developing primitivistic lifestyles. Something akin to the Métis culture in Canada yet with a more assertive urban presence, I suppose. Looking at the state of anarchists in North America, it wasn't very close to such utopia tho it went in that direction with eco resistance. But they you always got some authoritarian crowd pushing in...