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here's a better way to grasp what just happened but you won't feel better afterward so if that's your goal, can't help you.

when people still need to finish thinking through the implications of a problem, they tend to behave in very similar ways. the defensive part of their brain is steering the ship. I don't begrudge people this and maybe that's what just happened to you here? this is the best possible scenario for you.

reactionaries, on the other hand, target this same moment of potential realization and build a castle out of bad faith rhetoric around it, hoping to capture the discussion and shut it down. that's why these two different types of people sound similar but they have different goals. one is attempting to prey on the other. this is what I meant by "the reactionary position". you can insist I'm strawmanning you if you like but since you didn't even understand what settler meant a few days ago, maybe stfu and learn something.

for those of us who have thought things through, we always have to try and guess which type of person we're arguing with.