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so i'm gonna take a break, but i just want to add one last thing:

as SE said/implied, whether a certain person is a "settler" or "colonialist" is irrelevant, the thing that would offend anarchists or individualists are the methods. The two terms are practically empty: in one sense, yes all Native Americans were settlers and colonialists: they went to a new land and expanded their influence over the natural world. They even HAD BABIES (gasp!).

Now, not all the native americans had slaves or did heinous things to each other, but some did, because they were humans, and humans do very cruel things to each other for a plethora of reasons. There's no point in judging "a peoples" for what a certain ethnicity/tribe has done, and this is the basis for all identity politics. Apparently if you are white then you raped some native american woman and kicked tribes off their land and crap...apparently all white people "are privileged" even though most of us have way less immunity against the law than Donald Trump. I have been bullied by cops, some whiteys have been shot by cops, any law-man may kill any fugitive from prison without fearing any legal repercussions. As we have seen this is largely the case with cops vs. civilians as well.