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in particular:

"I don't think it's a disservice to acknowledge (anarchism's) inspirations. Anarchism has taken many cues from Marx. It's just a fact."


actually nah it's NOT bullshit! Anarchism, marxism, and leftism are bed-fellows in a sense: Why do you think post-leftists talk a lot about maoism but very little about hitler? Because the left and anarchists are kinda like that nit-picky married couple that argues a lot over incredibly pointless things but then have hot sex at night.

Also, crime thinc. and bob black's anti-work pieces are pretty much a different way of expressing marx's thoughts about how the proletariat is alienated from the stuff it makes. The best part of marx in my opinion...

i agree the left-unity invitation is stupid and we should divorce ourselves from the practice of left activity (for example, anti-fa) but in the end there's no left unity to "eradicate", anarchists will always have a little more in common with the left than with the right wingers, so here's the silly stuff in the piece, i'm sure there are gems...