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Except the actual IRL mutual aid projects I've seen always turn out to be another, more de facto, kind of charity.

Local food banks distributing food or local liberal artist "coops" making masks under Covid is what's been labelled as "mutual aid". But you see in there the same old division, between privileged inner circles having insider contacts or resources to do this stuff and "aid" the needy people.

This is the Church right there. Always the same petty bourgeois bunch of goodwill liberal leftoids, who got their fridges always full with goodies as they know where to get them, so they to some volunteer or paid work for nonprofits to redistribute the surpluses (or nasty non-vegan/non-organic shit they not gotta eat).

And yes, like the other said, the Church is to be seen as an ultimate badass example for "mutual aid", as they achieved a whole fucking lot through the centuries, yet still that was supporting a relation of subservience to a priest class and in the case of the ROC their ultramontanism (another form of imperialism).

So to mutual aid there is something truly anarchistic to oppose. But as a first, instead of spoiling it I'll let you guess it and wait for the crickets, just to see if you're for real. Or not!

(No it's not "smashy-smashy", or even "land projects")