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Respect to this group for their callout, and I wish them success. My only criticism would be that they have not made an effort to challenge the dominant narrative that Covid-19 represents a great threat to society at large, which it clearly doesn't, given the fact that the vast majority of deaths or serious medical complications have always been among the elderly or those with other pre-existing health problems, and even there, the fatality rate has hovered around 2% - hardly justification for a worldwide panic. Once the Italian government instituted their first lockdown last year, politicians in other countries quickly followed suit, and are now so invested in that failed strategy that they refuse even to discuss the possibility that they may have been wrong, and try to silence or villify any dissenters.

So now we face a future of enforced mask-wearing, "social distancing", medical ID cards for travel or even everyday socializing in public venues, and repeated lockdowns, instead of investing in the health and well-being of all those who are truly vulnerable - the elderly, prisoners, health-care workers, etc. The hypocrisy of our current US administration, which firmly opposes socialized health care, is stunning.