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TOTW: Inspirations from the Anarchist Milieu

A recent Anews Topic of the Week explored "Embarrassments of the anarchist Milieu" and, unsurprisingly, the engagement with the topic was largely successful. Because the Beautiful Idea is largely defined by what it opposes, aims to negate, or is in constant tension with, criticism seems to flow effortlessly from anarchists, for better or for worse.

This week, however, we're looking to discuss the flip side of the 'embarrassments topic' and explore inspirational happenings from within the anarchist milieu.

From anarchist prisoner solidarity events, to burning down xmas trees/vehicles/cell towers/police precincts, to socially distanced bookfairs, or the latest GY!BE record... what have been your favorite or most inspirational things happening from within the anarchist movement—from anarchists? What do these inspirational ideas/actions/ATTACKs/merch!/projects tell us about the state of anarchy in the world today? Are there particular inspirational activities occurring or that have occurred in the past that seems to be inspirational to anarchists of all tendencies? How do anarchists continue to be inspirational, effective, incredible, if at all?