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You gave a shallow, knee-jerk reply at 19:08's comment, even tho the latter was pretty short it was expressing legit disbelief at the cheerleading for a scene that's problematic and didn't bring much solid radical projects in like centuries.

Now I like what Montreal used to be before it was called Montreal (lol). Having been born and raised there I'm much less enthusiastic at what it became, with all its depressing architecture going on for miles, it's alienating tenants and roommates lifestyles, its long boring walks, its awful hyper-controlling City admin, its SPVM army of idiot suburban thugs, its spectacular "radical" stage, even if indeed there were a few awesome moments of anarchy and rebellion since the '80s and served the theater of three glorious student strikes. But struggles that got left down the road are now gone, a faint memory of a better time of social arrests and openings, that were neglected... coz the participants have been COMPLACENT, only caring about going back home after the daily demonstration of "collective might".

The private still hasn't been subverted, broke open. Everything relates back to this failure to deliver. Anarchos like elsewhere in NA yet have (or had) to reach a point of no return... So I really don't thint"k the "anarchists" I know in this town are interesting to get there. Why would they? Life in society has given them fuck friends and decent living conditions. They don't wanna... lose it. They're afraid to, I think.

There's nothing inspiring in such people who keeping folding back. Those that inspire me, it's those for whom "forward" is the only way out.