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Yep, this is the "Mtl anarchists are COMPLACENT" poster. Nope, you putting words in my mouth (or keyboard) like things I haven't said. This kind of jacketing (should we call that "terrorist-jacketing"?) is the kinda stuff that can put you on a black list here.

At 10:56, I gave pretty clear real-world examples for what I'm talking about. Or did you just not read it? My strategy involves an old taoist principle of "fighting without fighting". Which is not nonviolence, but rather "war by other means". While peace is usually preferable as relation (as in friendship and cooperation), social peace also is the flip side of civilization (as per Elias).

War comes out of necessity; it has its moment. So there is no need to advocate it, here or elsewhere. Just prepare for it, as war, at least the social war, is a daily reality. And this might also become a global open war very soon.