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As opposed to you dude, I don't count on "the hordes" to do overthrow the social order. The complacency is indeed partly the byproduct of using the unlikelihood of the Great Evening as excuse for folding back to resignation and apathy. Coz you know same-old "as long as there ain't a Movement!!!" smug narrative.

I don't wait for others to do shit I could do myself. That's partly due to my individualistic upbringing and history of tensions with the group, where I've learned that there's more things than you know that can be done by yourself, so in the end this whole collective insurrectionist struggle could just be yet another mating gimmick. Or how is "anarchism" in general not just some mating gimmick, when it becomes a group thing? The line gets blurry at times.

Anyhow, this is the difference between me and Lefties like you, who still believe in Santa, lol. I believe in my power as a person, not in the power of BIG impersons, even if imperson can be sometimes conveniently used for personal benefits.

And yet such belief (in Santa), that is inherently revolutionary on the surface, ends up turning them the other way, like reactionary.