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I'm sure this will be a another fine example of your good-faith approach to conversation and critique. (Lonely trolls seem to be the worst.)

Anyway, I reject Sylvain Maréchal's proposal, advocating neither rural simplicity nor patriarchal government. You may have been in too big a hurry to find something that might offend you, but, in future, you might remind yourself that a survey of "margins and problems" is almost certainly going to be full of texts with, well, problems and only marginal connections to anarchism.

As for the question of "which histories," in the Short History, Max Nettlau claimed that "A few decades before the French Revolution Sylvain Marechal proposed a type of anarchism which was set forth with great clarity..." and one of the earliest expressions of anarchist communism, in l'Humanitaire (1841) takes Maréchal's work as a key inspiration for their own, with the recognition that his commitment to patriarchal relations is a point that differentiates them from him. Gustave Brocher mentions him positively in the Encyclopédie Anarchiste. Robert Graham includes Maréchal's "Manifesto of the Equals" in his documentary history. I find him cited as a precursor in works by Ugo Fedeli and E. Armand, and listed as a "forgotten anarchist" in an editorial note in Freedom (London). In Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism, Rocker lists him among the "pioneers of libertarian thinking." I'm sure there is plenty more to find, but all of this came up on a search of my own hard drive.

Neither Grayson nor Leroux were anarchists either, although Leroux influenced a number of early anarchists (Proudhon, Déjacque, Cœurderoy, etc.) and Grayson certainly made an interesting case for the abolition of all laws.

This is, in fact, a section about people who were not anarchists, but came pretty close in some ways. Eventually, we'll get to sections about people who probably were anarchists, but still f*cked things up in various ways. If you're intent on playing Captain Obvious all the way through, it looks like smooth sailing.