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Ok so in a nutshell:

- US & Canada petty bourgeois latinophiles -especially those few left in Montreal- ARE BORING, LIBERAL, , BUREAUCRATIC, INSUFFERABLY ANNOYING AND SECTARIAN AS FUCK. Emphasing on the fucking PASC that's a government-funded NGO that I'm surprised still exist. They crystallize everything most people on this site hate about NA liberal anarcho-lefties.

- Spanish language is still a colonial language as much as English, and Latino-Americans are equally Euro settlers as much as Québécois, Canadians and USians are.

- There aren't that many Spanish-speaking people in Montreal. There's more African and Caribbean Black people and Arabs respectively than Latino Americans. Given that either of the former groups tend to be very good speakers of either French and English.

- Regardless... WHY do you want to appeal to any group in particular? I could see a good cause... no a very strong cause, for spreading anarchist ideas among Arabic and/or Chinese people. Anarchism in its many flavors has significantly grown in Latin America to a point I wonder if that's important. There's plenty of @ sites in Spanish already. But Arabs and Chinese... well there's so much anarchy to foment in these cultures that tend to lean toward conservative values.

- Kanien’kéha language instead? Well THAT would be a fantastic idea! But tough as hell. Yet... I can foresee it as a provoking, stimulating, educative social experiment. But that is also the reason why you fucktards will never do it, since over the years you have proven to be against stimulating, educative as well as -first and foremost- anything fresh & original provoking.

- Get rid of the nonprofit crowd, or secede from them completely. Fuck friends? I know... but you'll find some new ones among non-White likely. Many warm and lovely Black people out there... quit being so "White" with your Euro settler comfort zones.