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1- Nice generic PR disclaimer! Also cool doublethink.

"We're not capitalists, BUT we have institutional conditions and limitations, like we're not allowing for free sharing... bartering... squatting the place... doing your own events without prior organizing with the clique, and you gotta pay for the food too. Look prole... We're under a capitalist economy! Let's go by the norms. Totally not capitalist!"

2- I'll leave that to everyone else's opinions. Just stating the facts. This NGO, like a few others, have maintained a steady presence among the anarcho-left milieus as well as every damn MABF as far as I can remember, and they are funded by the government's subsidies to nonprofits, which means they got a few basic obligations to the government. Including of course limitations to legalism, institutional-level of activism, and yearly activity reports.

3- "sounds like performative nonsense for making settlers feel better about themselves". How does that compare to instead learning Spanish? Global North/South feelgood liberalism? Hums.

I don't see any hypocrisy in learning a native language. It's just acquiring the means to connect with those people on a better, more intimate ground, and be able to share ideas, perhaps even better organize with them.

4- Arabic is as easy as Spanish, and shares some similarities too, due to historical cultural influence. Arabic people are among the most globally spread (geographically), on par with Chinese, where Hispanic represents mostly just Latin America and a small part of Europe. Sure, the writing's very different... tho how easy is Spanish to the Chinese?

If we're gonna stick to what is easy and convenient, then why other and just not stick to French & English?

5- Okay, so if you're not interested in "fomenting anarchy", then what is the purpose of the anarchist book fair, or to make it in Spanish? Making money? Fuck friends? Honeypots? All of the above? (gotcha)

6- Using vague, inaccurate notion of "national ideation" when it comes to labeling my assumption that Spanish is a colonial language. If you deny the latter, then show me where it was on either American continent prior to 1492, plz. Also spare me your puerile urge for win/lose domination games.

As a tiny correction in a rather obtuse load of historical misreading of yours, French Canada wasn't renamed "Quebec" before the 1867 Constitution Act.

Also a bigger one... the Quebec nationalism you got in the province, as well as its flag, comes from to ultra-conservative political figures, a cleric named Lionel Groulx, and a typical mustachoed fascist dictator called Duplessis. There was, indeed, a new nationalist wave in the '60s that was heavily inspired by national liberation movements elsewhere, even tho it was bullshit set up by a few privileged White francophone ideologues who went to Jesuit schools, and in response of the new Canadian federalism as fronted by Trudeau the First.