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Furthermore, is there so many Spanish-exclusive speakers at this bookfair? I got this feeling this ain't rooted in actual demands for it, but more about getting some old-school Leftie cred (co ya know "Latinx = the rrrrevolucionnn!" for some reason I forgot). Some Chinese people, even if their situation tends to be somewhat better, could probably enjoy some Post-Left anarchist support against these nasty Maoist agents threatening them even in Canada, so being included in the bookfair could potentially mean a lot to them.

Beyond that, I think it's cool to interact and ideally build ties with Latinx cheap labor working on the fields, but you'd better get your Wobblies out of the holy city on bike tours to just... organize with them... whatever that means to you. You can get even hired so this could help putting pressure on the farm owners to improve the conditions, I dunno. Scared of small wages and long hours crouching for fruits? Still better than screens, I think.