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"Furthermore, is there so many Spanish-exclusive speakers at this bookfair?"

I've been to 2 anarchist bookfairs (one in north carolina and one in NYC) and there wasn't any conspicuous [Read: TO ME] involvement of the latin american "community". Like the white "community", a lot of their perspectives seem to be pretty conservative, christian, racist, so depending on who you are, an anarchist bookfair might seem totally alien and uninteresting to you. However, as the writer of the article pointed out, making anarchists texts in spanish more widely dispersed off the web might be a nice type of mutual aid.

I was in peru and chatted with an anarchist from there, i told him about how much i loved stirner and all, and he basically said that his writing was only about him and he was more interested in communal struggles...the people wheat pasting those flyers (interesting enough, in cusco peru it's basically legal to do that and all sorts of people with all different agendas do it) were definitely interested in supporting indigenous communities there because peruvians tend to be very prejudicial towards them, which is not surprising considering South America's history with spanish settlers.

Helping the latin american immigrants with their slavish working conditions might come off as weird and patronizing to them, but like anyone else they would gladly accept free stuff and help.