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"But, if I go to live in Germany I learn german, if I go to Argentina I learn spanish, so I don't understand how people who live in Québec don't bother to learn french."

Omg... this totally nationalist BS narrative right there. How is people not speaking French a problem to you?

So if it's an argument against turning the MABF to Spanish, well that could perhaps make sense. I see this whole proposal as rather pointless or stupid. Did any other bookfair even consider doing that? Or why would they? Coz there's this SPECIFIC ethnic minority that might not speak either of the dominant language? Not even anarchist events in Europe are in Arabic, for the loads of Arab migrants there are. Yet there is a solid effort at translating to Arabic, tho.

Speaking of Euro second languages, they don't fit your picture, " . " . The Spanish and Greeks usually got workable knowledge of English, in contrast with other languages (some Greeks know Spanish or French too, but these aren't the dominant second languages these days). The French are nowadays WAY more influenced by the English language (even tho they're still terrible at any foreign language, lol). Same with Germans tho they got a more polished English. People in East Europe speak a bunch of different languages, in between Italian, German and Russian. Many ex-Yugoslav randos you encounter will even know 4-5 languages. What languages people speak is entirely due to the history of politics and foreign relations.