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Wall between the Dominican Republic and Haiti

from Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean

The Dominican president announced in his February 27 speech the construction of a "gate" wall across the entire Dominican-Haitian border. According to this, to control merchandise trafficking, illegal immigration and "ensure territorial integrity" In the midst of a pandemic and the worst economic crisis in decades, nationalism and xenophobia are being encouraged again as a means of distraction. Wasting resources that could well go to help those affected by the pandemic, strengthen the health system, buy vaccines or try to solve some of the many historical problems that affect the Dominican people. Proving once again that partisan and state politics is totally disconnected from social reality and the problems that affect the majority. Politicians are in an eternal electoral campaign and will say anything to maintain their popularity by making people forget the evils that affect them. It is not going to be that we realize that they are the problem and that more than solutions over and over again they only offer circus, and of the worst kind: feeding the hatred between 2 brother peoples. Among many things they share being governed by leaders who use the border issue as a ball of smoke every time popular discontent begins to grow.