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TOTW: Anarchists across time and space

photo: taken from my recent flight over my living room

Topic of the Week - Recently on the Anarchy Planet IRC*, an idea was shared by a participant there, of creating a network of spots for friends to stay as they travel in a specific direction. For example, spaces and places where traveling, touring, or whatever anarchists could stay for a period of time, plug in, and then journey onward to the next destination, and so on and so forth, until their own personal anarchist Mordor is reached.

It does sound rather idyllic, and let’s not forget when CrimethInc. expelled all traveler kids from anarchy. Outside of the traveler kids, oogles, and remembering the folly of the ever present summit hoppers, how do anarchists create, build, and maintain networks across time and space? Anarchists like Emma often were said to be holding tours of 1,000s+ of people and other anarchists in attendance; yet nowadays especially in times of Corona, anarchists traveling and touring with a specific goal of having talks and hanging out with other anarchists seem to be much less common. Is the traveling band of anarchists, music tours, adventures, and the like resigned to the days of yesteryear or is this growing up? If you were going to plan a trip across the distances life, would you care to and be able to meet up and connect with other anarchists, including people you’ve never met, along the way? Can you travel for fun, adventure, and enjoyment as an anarchist or will Bookchin come from the grave and strike you back to the factory floor? What Summer 2021 adventures (or whatever season it is where you are reading) are in store for you and friends?

[ Here is a recent example from Europe: BialysTurbo Caravan Travel Diary! ]

*IRC = Internet Relay Chat