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S.E. Parker & other Enemies, on Immediatism

For fans of Sidney Parker, Immediatism now has eight episodes of his essays. To read these and more, check out "Enemies of Society: An Anthology of Individualist and Egoist Thought," from Ardent Press and Little Black Cart, containing nearly eighty essays and biographical pieces. Highlights are episode 457, which looks at the myth of the People or Workers who will supposedly rise up in revolution, and episode 461, which makes comparisons between Marxism and fascism.

Listed below are the S. E. Parker episodes first, followed by other Enemies of Society.

Do not miss episode 100, the introductory essay to the book, called "Preamble: Drawing First Blood" by Meme, Myself, and I. It is an outstanding overview of individualism and egoism.

By S. E. Parker:

Notes on Stirner and Nietzsche
Nietzsche: Antichrist?
Anarchism and the Proletarian Myth
Three European Individualists
Voltairine de Cleyre
Stirner on Education
Stirner, Marx, and Fascism
Anarchism vs. Socialism

By other Enemies:

Preamble: Drawing First Blood, by Meme, Myself, and I
Nietzsche, by Enzo Martucci
Anarchism and Individualism, by Georges Palante
Anarchism, Society, and the Socialized Mind, by Francis Ellingham

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