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Junger was better than Freud anyway, at least there was no family theater or castration. Heidegger is another topic, involving technology and existence. In fact, it had a pioneer of anarchism, Alfred Jarry, as a Bergson student. That's why Deleuze studied Bergson. What I have studied recently is about this aspect, but now I am busy with other things.

You're right. The author doesn't reflect the inner individual soul, but I think it's a philosophical failure. The key point is that thinking has not yet begun, and the broader practice is always ignored. If a person only starts from the established discourse, ideology and position, then he will not have any real knowledge. The construction of subjectivity is manifested in the false self-consciousness, while ignoring the role of unconsciousness.

Heidegger inherited Alfred Yari's most important point is that the practice of a kind of life reverses the theoretical culture since Socrates. Another important point is the application of technology, which makes this possible. For Heidegger, technology contains a possibility. But what is technology? Many people easily misunderstand this point. For example, dynamite is a kind of technology, and bicycle is also a kind of technology, which turns the metaphysical passion of Christianity into a stage racing car of technology.

In fact, these are the problems that need to be considered at present. Heidegger's interpretation of Nietzsche is problematic, which is why we need to put forward different views.