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I bark at the blithering cacophony of the syphilitic lunatics that wail in perdition in this underworld that is the underside of the articles of this website, knowing that they will bark back!

What is the overman but an overcompensation for his insecurities of being an inadequate male?
Nietzsche was a misogynist, his contempt for weakness is nothing but a reflection of his machismo, seeing the weak as a feminine trait. Calling anarchism the politics of the weak and pitiful, and calling anarchists dogs.

The superman is humanism on steriods, flaunting his slaver morality, the western white male's inflated sense of supremacy over woman, animal and nature.

My anarchy is a feral bitch. Civilized man prides himself in the vivisection of my kind. Whether he has the power to restrain me with his chains, he is always powerless to restrain my desire. I know my weaknesses and this is not a cause for shame, it informs the ways I will go about my revenge. My resentment is the hatred I foster that will embolden me to murder my abuser. If it suits me, my revenge will be served with passive aggression, like the wife who poisons her husband as she serves him his meal. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

My anarchy is the mother, not the daughter of desire. It’s not the act of birthing, nor the act of mothering that defines my anarchy, but the cutting of the umbilical cord, the reckless abandon of desire. An excision at birth, leaving at its navel a permanent mark of hostility against all lineages. A beast set loose on the world, feral and superprecocial. Feral desire learns quickly to bite the hands of anyone that comes near.

I bark at this pederast cloister of self-styled monocled aristocrats the secrete their poisonous syphilitic philosophy that’s sterilized their minds, hearts and gonads!

Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!