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Colombia resists!

"Let the world know that they're killing us in Columbia. Toll of victims of the national strike from April 28th to May 1st: 672 arbitrary detentions by the police, 4 victims of sexual violence by the police, 21 homicides at the hands of the Public Force, 30 cases of firearms used by the police, 940 cases of police abuse"

from Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean

From Colombia, Lucia Sanchez, a member of the ULET-AIT, reports to us

In Colombia a wave of indignation is taking place because the people increasingly realize the inefficiency and how corrupt governments and multinationals are.The tax reform was only a small portion of the impudence and how ruthless they can be, it is a portion because it is not enough to knock down the reform, in addition, profound changes must be made, the perfect scenario for a social revolt is brewing and that is the feeling of the community but the hegemony of power promotes a discourse against those wishes through purchased newscasts and deceives people by stigmatizing the protest by promoting this discourse, showing how they break things and hiding the systematic murders of the police, the town ends being deceived.

How do you understand the protests, from your Anarchist militancy?

We understand the importance of the historical moment and these demands are not from the right or the left, but from the working people against the bourgeoisie and being able to continue with the legitimate right to protest will guarantee a better life and obtain more social achievements, consolidating a more united people and self-determined.

[Engligh translation:

Tributary Reform: Less SALARY, more TAXES

It's the 3rd tributary reform of Ivan Duque's government in 2 and half years

- Currently, there's 98 products from the family basket with a VAT of 19%, 10 with a VAT of 6%, and NOW the 73 products that were exempt from VAT will now have a VAT of 19%.
- The national government says they will refund the VAT, but only if there's a check, bill, or receipt, what if I buy things with loose change or they don't give me a receipt? -Refund doesn't apply.
Additionally, the refunds are done via bank accounts that charge for their use, but many people don't have access to them.

It's not a social reform in solidarity due to the covid-19 pandemic, it's a TRIBUTARY REFORM FOR THE "MIDDLE" and LOWER CLASS.]

[Engligh translation:

Tributary Reform: Less SALARY, more TAXES

-People that earn more than 30 million of pesos a YEAR, should pay income tax, that is to say those who earn 2.5 million pesos a month.
-Meanwhile, Álvaro Uribe Vélez with a net worth of 9,414,915,000, through trickery managed to pay $0 of income tax in 2018.
-The national government under Ivan Duque's leadership has spent more than 20,000 millions of pesos in publicity and public relations for the improvement of his image, money taken from the Peace Fund, while hundreds of families and people live an economic crisis due to his mismanagement of resources, especially during the pandemic.
-Uribismo in its almost 20 years in power (2002-2021) has had the largest number of displaced and assassinated social leaders.

Let's not let ourselves be fooled any longer, Uribismo, the right and capitalism are a virus.]