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I can see what you're saying and why but perhaps you'd do me the courtesy of not defaulting to assuming it's because I'm a dim bulb who can't read?

I'm gently and respectfully pushing back on this particular version of the anti-civ, post left tendency, which I participated in for years, as I mentioned and know many people who also have. Specifically where seaweed lives or did, among others. I'm risking opsec here to assure you I'm not casually dismissing this stuff, mmk?

So anyway, folks moved out on to "the land", got to know it again, have wrestled with how that intersects with colonialism, spent a great deal of time in quiet contemplation of the contradictions, yadda yadda and I admire lots of the analysis BUUUT

there's still the same old problems that date back to at least the 60s era, of how scattering a very marginal perspective across vast distances leads to all the weaknesses you'd expect from extreme isolation. people are lonely and lack support in their isolation, it's expensive or exhausting to travel to and from, and so on and so on.

There's a Peter Gelderloos quote I can dig up for you if you want but the short version is, if you're going to be prescriptive at all, how "we" (don't get me started on the we) need solid networks that spread across the urban and rural environments, allowing ease of movement and places to stay in both and trying to pick one or the other is just a false dichotomy. That's my opinion as a backwoods anarchist at heart, currently living in a big, stupid city that I hate.