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And this is where the reforms of liberals come in handy, until the mere fact of being trans is normalized, people like you will feel comfortable bringing it up as a point of dispute. Being of a gender, regardless of whether assigned at birth/cis or trans, is not or should not be seen as a form of militancy. Only people with a knee-jerk reaction against their mere existence would misconstrue it as such, in which case "the personal becomes political" because people like you bring it into the political arena instead of letting people be.

To paraphrase you in contradiction:

Transphobia is militancy on the level of political representations and language is inherently liberal. It's the result of social media ID pols that are entirely backed by highly-suspicious corporate interests.

Transphobia? There's several problems with transphobia that makes it both constituent of not just neoliberalism but also brutally anti-feminist regressivism.