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Arson at the German Institute of Thessaloniki

via Athens Indymedia

Arson attack at the German Institute of Thessaloniki: Participation in the international call from Berlin

Arson attack at the German Institute of Thessaloniki: Participation in the international call from Berlin for decentralized actions 15 and 16 of May 2021

One symbolic action of resistance against german nationalism, which attacks our bodies through different realities:

-Inside the german metropolis nationalism is attempting to wipe out the squats that didn't assimilate to law and order and the market. The capitalist metropolis is a prison that is expanding and colonizing the whole planet. Communities without authority do not fit into the capitalist universe. Rigaer94 is resisting against the plans of its eviction and against the long term siege. Comrades we are breathing along side you. In our flame the passion of Liebig34 is still alive and we will keep alive her resistance until the demolition of patriarchy.

-German nationalism is still keeping demonstrators captive from the mass arrests at the G20 summit in Hamburg and is still persecuting anarchists comrades. On the 24th of January 2020 german cops murdered one unarmed woman in Friedrichshain, inside her apartment. No one was prosecuted for the femicide of Maria B.

-German nationalism is mobilizing the army against the internal enemy under the pretext of covid. It is imposing a regime of a totalitarian control, just as greek nationalism does, under the same pretext. Recently a paramilitary organization modeled after Frei Cops was created, for the reinforcement of “internal security”. Social democrats, today as in the past, are serving nationalism for the sake of their rotten profits. Besides, the german state after WWII continued to work for nazi capitalists along with the nazis who remained inside its mechanisms.

-German nationalism, just like all other imperialisms, is producing and selling disease, in order then to sell new diseases and repression as the treatment. It is participating in experiments with modified viruses and vaccines that convert the human body into a weak animal dependant on their products...It is demolishing forests in order to plant business zones..It is preserving nuclear energy..It is keeping its position at the top of industrial over-growth.

- German nationalism is the biggest boss in all the grand investment and privatized structures of the greek state: highways, the metro, railways, airports, telecommunications. The Balkan paid slaves are working for the coffers of northern Europe. What the austro-hungarian empire didn't manage to achieve, was actually achieved by the german republic following the dissolution of Yogoslavia.

-German nationalism along with all of european racism, colonialism and imperialism, everyday shoots, drowns, tortures and leaves to starvation and sickness, bodies without country. Nazism is here, at Evros, at the Aegean and the Mediterranean, at the concentration camps and the prisons, the ghettos, the cop besieged streets, the unemployment and the industrial extermination.

- German nationalism is spreading death with the drones and bombs of turkish fascism in Rojava, North Irak and Turkey itself . German nationalism is doing business with jihadist fascism in the Middle East and in the german metropolises, imprisoning Kurdish comrades.

The entire imperialist grid is supporting the religious state of Israel and the extermination of Palestine.

A few words about our action…

The Goethe Institute is a state structure of german nationalism-imperialism. Behind this cultural mask are veiled crimes against the earth, the animals, against humanity, non-masculinity and non europaism. We decided to make an arson attack at the library because it was the most vulnerable part of the building. Of course, our action is not a message of offense against free thought. The nazi german state was burning books. The nazi german state one year ago evicted the anarchist library KALABALIK, in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The states are prosecuting the speech of their enemy. Under the new model of sanitary repression, capitalists democracies and dictatorships started to prosecute every expression of dispute. Their patriarchal language condemns to extermination the witches, the traditions of indigenous peoples in colonized grounds and whatever manages to escape the state dominance, as abnormal, irregular, lawless. If the library of this state store would burn they would reconstruct it very cheapely. The market of books is a big supermarket, just like their educational institutions. Our bodies which are oppressed and murdered by the german, the greek and every nationalism, cannot be replaced. The attack on a cultural institution has this meaning: we will defend, by all means, our lives and the freedom of everything that has life in it, against patriarchy and colonialist european culture. No respect for the butchers of our dreams. We answer with violence to the violence of every authority. We leave it to the patriarchs of bourgeois morality and to the preachers of ideological bureaucracy to sanctify the means.

We salute the comrades who rise up against the german state. We don't intend to exaggerate our action. The propaganda arson attacks alone are not guerrilla struggle. We embrace all those who participated this winter to the offensive in solidarity with the hunger strike of fighter Dimitris Koufontinas. We were many and we rejoice for this vital energy that is still flowing under the teritory of the greek state. However, the revolutionary steps don't add up as a result of sums of actions. In the end, material damages don't count. These will always be less than the ones capitalism inflicts on the body of the earth. Until we destroy it. What is more important is that the free community becomes stronger. With guerrilla struggle we submerge into a free life, through the everyday struggle against the normality of the metropolitan prison. When guerrilla struggle comes to our mind, our hearts beat for the armed comrades of Kurdistan. One decision, all together, today and forever, until we dance on the corpse of patriarchal civilization.

Responding to the call of the comrades fromthe Gang forthe Diffusion of Fire(arson attack against the Tax beurau of Cholargos in Athens) we integrate our action intothe campaign forsolidarity with the anarchist fugitiveDimitris Chatzivasiliadis and the anarchist hostage Vagelis Stathopoulos.

Strength to the captive comrades until freedom. Strength to Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Ağarmıs, Sadi Naci Özpolat, Halil Demir, Anıl Sayar, Sinan Oktay Özen, Ismail Zat, Hasan Kaya, Sinan Çam,Savas Xiros, DimitrisKoufontinas, Pola Roupa, NikosMaziotis, Konstantina Athanosopoulou, Dimitra Valavani, Giannis Michailidis, KonstantinosYantzoglou, Marios Seisidis, Giannis Dimitrakis, KostasSakkas, Polukarpos Georgiadis, Vangelis Stathopoulos, SpyrosChristodoulou.

Community of struggle with the captive and persecuted comrades

Full Face Queer – Anarcho «Maria B»