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TOTW: Animal friends

No pets, no masters!

Topic of the week - Our everyday lives are often touched in someway by animals. Throughout time, the human / animal relationship has been intertwined with the earliest cave paintings depicting animals and many creation myths incorporating animals as main participants. On the opposite end, animals have experienced the sheer brute force of sharing a world with humans. This week we’re taking a look at animals / pets and the relationship to your anarchist life.

Animals are often reflected in popular culture, with timeless classics like Babe and Homeward Bound and in almost every single movie by Chris Marker. Is it the dog statue at the train station, strangely out of place in industrialized civilization, yet bringing comfort to the weary traveler, of one eternally waiting for their partners return? Perhaps it is the darker, more upsetting image of wolves being gunned down from a helicopter and in turn alphabet intelligence agencies classifying anarchists and their friends as terrorists? Whatever it is, what is and/or has been your relationship with animals / pets and is it possible to talk about this in terms of your anarchist ideas?

What annoys you most about the topic of pets? What historical examples of anarchists are there caring for their loved animals?