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Climate Change will be a factor for potential worsening conditions towards a new dark(or dim stagnation) age but it will not be the singular factor or even the proportional lead one. I see energy resource depletion as the bigger factor in collapsing conditions. This is a multi-factorial crisis to say the least.

Unless some type of scalable energy successor to fossil fuels comes along there will be some level of contraction. There has already been a primary stage collapse that began in 1973 with cheap oil going dodo. It really comes down to how successful substitutional('green') energy schemes will be in the greater 21st century combined with some of the more dire predictions of climate change being wrong due to non-linear counter hidden feedback loop dynamics.

It's the single factorization of climate change combined with the assuming the worse non accounting for non-linear dynamics that will prove a fair amount of their dire projections wrong.