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The spread of electric cars and crypto mining, combined with a lack of major increase in energy supply, could mean a potential cascading collapse, or at best an organically-forced rationalization. The case against these two trends (basically, that it's impossible to produce enough electric power to keep up with the current levels of car consumption, which is as supermassive as ever).

Crypto mining data centers are also very power-hungry, so especially in colder countries where power demands for heating are huge this means an economic stalemate, in combination with electric cars and the continuously increasing development of suburban sprawls. There's been a suggestion over the past decades of installing mini-nuke plants that are (supposedly) safer, yet as we all know, power is always more lucrative at large scales,and even nationalized power infrastructures are willing to adhere to this logic of mass control + mass profits. But anyways these "local nukes" are still liberal pipedreams.

There's a possibility that reckless, unchecked development will soon be its own enemy, causing a managerial and energetic clusterfuck that very few can really understand, and fewer can prevent against. This accelerationist view could be much agreeable if only this process wouldn't be making countless victims (mostly non-human lives) and destroying entire ecosystems, for ultimately doing itself a seppuku. As usual, the biggest concern I got with accelerationist is being the belief of that macho idiot riding his tuned car at twice the speed limit in a residential neighborhood at peak hour. He'll destroy many lives before smashing his machine on a wall. These lives are not at fault, but his life... likely.