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it's a bit niche but morbidly fascinating for me, the (usually associated these days with) nihilist urge towards an extreme form of self destruction with a veneer of the political context, as perhaps represented in a secular form here

and infamously in a pseudo-religious context with ITS and many, many more versions.

All of this stuff, whether it openly rationalizes itself with some form of woo or not, it all has that "zeal" component to it: stop thinking about causality and consequences and throw yourself in to the meat grinder because [insert murky alternative to self preservation here].

Guess my point is the primal scream followed by desperate act of self destruction is something I'll always associate with "religion", be it for "the cause" or "natural law" or "gozer the destructor" or whatever. It's a very human thing, whatever it is and certainly not my favorite part, even though I can always identify strongly with the folks who do it for better reasons, like Van Spronson.

No gods, no masters should mean no more martyrs imo, or at least not overly eager ones.