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Where in fact the Western conception of "God", or Greco-Latin Zeus/Dio/Jupiter (Zeus Pater) are entirely from pagan polytheist cults. The notion of an old wise bearded man in.the sky lilely dates back to Marduk if not much earlier. Like with many other things Xian, idol-worshipping and a kind of anthropomorphic polytheism (the Trinity, the cult of the Saints, that has some similarity to hinduism) have made their way back into the maintream over thr centuries. But looking at the teachings of Jesus, there's none of this stuff, and neither a Manichean Good vs Evil (there are only relative "evils", including sickness, misdeeds and hardships).

Jesus was an atheist in a way, as he asserted, in a way not too dissimilar to king Akhenaten and his Sun God, or the later Sol Invictus cult, an entity that is beyond everything but also everywhere, more a Creator entity, from which all life emanates. Or close to Ahura Matsuda or the An of the ancients. Nothing related to "some old guy in the sky", or several people sitting on Olympos. Even beyond Lord Rama ruling the world from Agartha.

But I agree with the "God is our Superego" part, as it's maybe the clearest ontology that we can make of it. Tho even there, with Mesopotamian deities being lawmakers, it's not very original to Xianity.