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There are people, a great many people, on this planet who acquired things they don't deserve, due to not possessing the intellectual and moral qualities to use them with wisdom and purpose. This will always be the divergence between learning and comprehending, or just reading books around and memorizing, vs understanding the meaning of the ideas being communicated and integrating them to your life.

Such are the pseudo-intellectuals like the commenter you're defending (who may be you, or Shawn, or all the same person, lol), who use their astute knowledge to decorate what really is an empty egg shell... as the comment here was rather pointless rambling about some random concepts hardly related to this TOTW. Given how they lack grasp of the essence of anarchy, they'll just fizzle and wiggle around the black hole without jumping into the void, staying in the deceitful comfort zone of the surface.

What is more fun to smash, the un-tainted eggshell, or the one made into a Spectacle by some sophistic "artiste"?