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20 years since the murder of Carlo Giuliani

20 years since the murder of Carlo Giuliani

It's been 20 years since the murder of Carlo Giuliani in Genoa. Those days that costed first of all a life, but also a lot of blood for all the others who joined the demonstrations, filled the streets, or the Diaz school. We don't want to just remember the sacrifice of our health or the fear, the traumas, and our rage and disillusionment. Or the year long trials and a total of 110 years in prison imposed against a movement. More important is still keeping on shouting that a different world is possible: a responsible, ecological, fair one.

We don't know what remembering those years does do you, but we invite you to find out about it, write it down, talk, shout about it! We hope that this will inspire the future uprisings.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:
- The 2021 initiatives of
- The web pages from Indymedia Italy from that time
- A comic strip created by more than 30 artists who have donated their creativity to tell the story of Genova
- The documentary on Supporto Legale
- A choral history of Indymedia Italy, published by Alegre Edizioni soon in bookstores 'Millennium bug'

It has also been 20 years since Autistici/Inventati started, from the days we saw the possibility of its existence, as well as the need to freely communicate with the free people we do politics with, without being monitored or censored. In those years the Internet was a synonym for free communication, but we have witnessed how that has taken a U turn, as much as in the streets: we can't just expect justice and equality, we have to fight and reclaim them, as the multinationals commoditize every aspect of our lives, both online and offline. This is still our daily struggle.

The Autistici-Inventati collective - July 2021

Rhapsody of a Revolt: 19 years of SupportoLegale
Translated July 1, 2021
Originally published Autumn 2020
by SupportoLegale

Summer 2001: History makes its way through the streets of Genoa.
Summer 2004: Among the bits and pieces of what Genoa days had represented, the SupportoLegale story begins.

Back in 2004 Genoa Legal Forum’s legal office asked the Italian Indymedia network to help out in reviewing, analysing and organising the huge amount of audio, video, photo and written documents involved in the building up of the court cases connected to the events of Genoa G8 protests.

A wide-ranging and mixed group of comrades and media-activists took up the project. They soon discovered that matching Indymedia’s slow and participative decision-making processes with the needs of the quick and twisting turns of the court cases had many challenges. As this group became increasingly smaller, SupportoLegale was born as an autonomous project to specifically work on the Genoa G8 court cases and on the solidarity actions connected to them.

SupportoLegale’s history is a kind of rhapsody. One of embattled perseverance, through years of work in the law courts, as consultants of the Genoa Legal Forum lawyers and as activists coordinating the fundraising, communication and information effort on what was happening during the trials. Soon SupportoLegale grew and became involved in other court cases not necessarily directly connected to Genoa but through a similar thread of state repression. When the G8 cases came to a conclusion convicting ten people to more than 100 years imprisonment, SupportoLegale decided to focus on economic and political support for the convicted activists.

SupportoLegale organised fund-raising concerts and other events, produced t-shirts, books, comics, music CDs and used what resources it could to prevent people’s attention from slipping away from what the Genoa G8 protests meant and what the legal follow-up had been.

In 2007 SupportoLegale called for a big demonstration in Genoa to counter the 100 years imprisonment handed down to fellow comrades. 100,000 people marched behind our banner: WE HAVE NO REGRETS.

Now we are here. 19 years have passed, one more and in 2021 it will be 20. Thousands of voices, events, words, opinions and histories will crowd this anniversary. Many of those will be very far from what we would like to hear or see.

But it is now time for SupportoLegale to draw to a close, however we won’t go without having our say. We are preparing a documentary movie, new comics anthology, a graphic poster as well as contributing to Zapruder magazine’s Genoa anniversary issue.

This is our last effort to have everyone remember that memory is a collective tool that needs to be constantly fueled and tuned.

SupportoLegale on 20th Anniversary Tour

We know that, like us, you have already had the first signs of what awaits us: ghosts of the past that re-emerge, self-celebrations, ugliness of all kinds. But fear not, legal support does not leave you alone to face all this! In Genoa and around Italy, to tell everyone's story once again.

July 2021
1 20:00 Milano Camera del Non Lavoro
4 Firenze next Emerson
6 18:30 Roma La Torre
9 21:30 Bologna Vag61
10 15:00 Milano Cox18+Calusca
11 Bussoleno – Valsusa To
13 Napoli Santa Fede Liberata
15 Bergamo Pacì Paciana
20-21 Genova CAP via Albertazzi
23 Bussoleno – Valsusa To
23 Bologna Vag61
23 Roma La Torre
25 Monza – FOA Boccaccio

September 2021
15 Catania

and we will also be in...
Brescia, at the Radio Onda d’Urto party (end of August)
Carpi, for the Festival Alta Intensità Antifascista (August)
Casona di Ponticelli (Bo), for the Hackmeeting 2021 (September 3-5)
Melendugno (Le) (second weekend of September)

Follow us for the details of the events!